Saturday, November 11, 2017

SATS - A Major Announcement Coming

I was reviewing stocks in my personal LIVE scanner (not for sale, still under development) and I came across SATS chart. My scanner was able to pick up at the stock at the planning stage the day before yesterday which was Thursday and on Friday, I saw a superb breakout in the stock which recorded 6.37% in one day which is very impressive for a blue chip in 1 day.

Many have asked for my scanner but I don't think I will ever released to public or anyone else because it took me too much painstaking hours and $$ to develop something that tailors my needs. Well, a scanner is just a tool which can alleviate my workload but it's by no means going to replace my chart reading skills.

I love the way how my scanner pick up stocks because it almost always before the breakout. Looking at the way how SATS broke out yesterday, I believe something major will be releasing soon. A big news is in the pipeline and look out for some long opportunities in SATS. In the coming year 2018, I will have some changes with a new platform for trading and also a new service which shall benefit everyone who are enthusiast in real actual trading. I will announce it in my Facebook page, so for those who wants to make $ with me, you can add me as a friend in Facebook at the below link.

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