Friday, November 10, 2017

Market Outlook & Stock Picks for Year 2018 - An Eventful Evening

Last evening was a great event where I gave my stock pics and market outlook for 2018. I am thankful that everyone paid attention to the 3427 level which I shared and predicted back in Oct 21st. Today, for those who came for my event last evening, you will see that the moment STI hit my 3427 level, it started to gap down with many stocks started to suffer selling.

During the event, I also shared my investment and trading philosophy over the years that allowed me to survive so long. From the blue chips to mid caps to penny stocks, for investment wise, I prefer growth stocks which is more stable the other 3 categories. No signboard IPO is coming out soon and Razer will be debuting it's trading next Monday. I will study the chart and plan my trades carefully where I will share it during private sessions, so don't miss it!

Last evening will be my last event for the year as I am planning to take a break soon. Thank you and see you guys in my preview in the coming days.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist