Monday, September 3, 2018

Thai Beverage - Hit Bottom?

Thai Beverage along with Genting just turned up today where demand was overpowering supply. Thai Beverage is not my kind of stock but looking at the chart it had sort of hit a demand zone where the buyers just appeared earlier. From 0.605 bottom, the stock just suddenly went into 3/4 bottom in the minute chart and suddenly turned up with buyers. I am not sure if it really hit the bottom at 0.605 but I required to see more buy/sell activity before giving a conclusion. This is not the easiest stock to trade but it's been a rollover coaster just by riding up first then down.

On the other hand, Genting SP just continue to run further and further with buyers whacking up the shares at the last 15 minutes. The buy up was furious while the stock also hit the demand zone too. In the minute chart, it tried to break through a wall and it's slowly moving upwards. Will it continue to move higher ? Only time will tell with good news impending.

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