Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Top Volume Stock - Oil Related Counters

I am stunned that the STI gap up today instead of gapping down. I made a wrong judgment which I am very surprised why was there simmering actions yesterday and the market still gap up while the Dow was down like -181 points while HSI was down like -454 points. Many oil related counters ran like SembMarine, Keppel Corp, Rex Intl, Kris Energy and many others. I am very surprise and pleased to see my student still holding his 30 lots of SembMarine at 1.77 with an unrealized profits of $8700 now.

On another note, I conducted a portfolio review session yesterday where many of them asked me about their stocks and I reviewed it one by one which I also talked and shared heavily on Sembmarine as a bullish counter. I did not expect it to gap up and ran further today. It was such a good stock since we first spotted. As I mentioned earlier in my previous post this morning, I expect the banks to simmer off and sell down. Indeed, DBS is current coming down after the gap up while the rest of the banks were still holding. The market is truly quite tricky for now as highlighted in my last post on the below link.


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