Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Personal Touch with Ronald K - Part 2

Today was another amazing session for the people who came last minute for my Personal touch with Ronald K, Part 2. I posted this last minute event at 9:22am this morning and the turn out was just really a lot of people but thank you so much! The first time was a success and hence today being part 2, I made it even more interesting by sharing much more information on stocks selection and contra squeezing which is a part of stocks screening. I believe everyone learnt a lot of thing and took back something.

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I am focused this week on giving back and getting others to make $. Tomorrow will be even better and then next week will be a blow out session. As I mentioned on my blog that this week is a good week for making $$, it indeed was! From ISR to Asiamedic today, everything seemed to materialized as predicted. Click and see my links below for my focused on making $.

Eventbrite - Register to Meet Ronald K

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