Tuesday, September 27, 2016

GCCP - Vibrant Today, Entered a Trade Yesterday Noon

Like I posted earlier in my earlier post that we had an afternoon session and made $, indeed, we made it in GCCP yesterday where we longed near the bottom and the stock just shot up today with vibrant activity. I want to congrats everyone who took actions and made $, well done!

GCCP showed an amazing buy up activity this morning with so much shares exchanged hands. Some of our students started to unload at the peak at 0.064 today! When there is a breakout, everyone rushes to buy and hence it's a alibi for us to lock in $. The real buying was yesterday which is more convincing.


Attached above are the GCCP screen snippets this morning where the buy/sell Q is an important clue towards selling at 0.064/0.065. I had captured it for my next sharing and illustration purposes. This is as good as it gets and how we lock in profits at the high? It has something to watching the Q numbers. GCCP is now 0.06/0.061 after unloading.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist