Friday, September 9, 2016

Singapore Straits Times Index - 3rd Straight Days of Selling

For the 3rd straight days after my forward prescient that the STI has hit the supply zone and will suffer selling, the STI continues to experience sellers. Click below and see my initial prediction before the market opened!!

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Then on later part of the day, the STI formed a trading range where distribution was going on there where I drew 2 lines and today, it just broke down of that range!

Now, as the STI is slowly coming down, I am looking at the next turning point for a good long entry. As of now, I don't see any hidden buying yet but it maybe coming in next week. Don't miss the turning point for another round of opportunity to long this market again.

I had a lot of people registering for my event next week and I am again almost full house. Since this STI prediction, many had asked me how did I do it and how did I managed to know it before it happened. Hence, I will share my philosophy and some strategies on how to make forward prediction. Register if you are interested and seats is only based on first come first served.

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