Monday, September 19, 2016

A Private Sharing by Ronald K - My Dow Secrets Leaked

The Dow futures just had a long bar break out at 7.30am earlier in the 5 minute chart. The best thing I did was I blogged the bullish outlook here on my blog LIVE on a Saturday before it happened today. Click below and see my Saturday's post.

Another crazy thing I did was I conducted a private sharing event yesterday on a Sunday afternoon to reveal and share my secrets on how I made such prediction on a weekend before it happened. From the hidden buying to the buying followed by flushes and all the trading ranges, it was all so predictable and readable. Here, I would like to thank everyone who came yesterday and I hope you guys took back something and learnt the secrets. There won't be any workshops for now as I am focused on making $. There are requests for me to do workshops again and hence I will do again when I feel like it. Watch my blog space for more info.

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