Monday, September 5, 2016

Jumbo - A Whatsapp Call

Made a Whatsapp bullish alert on Jumbo in earlier @ 9:11am when I first saw some buy/sell Q flipping. In fact, it was last Friday where the stock already showed the first sign of bullishenss when the Q flipped but it wasn't until today that reaffirmed my bullish observation when the market opened at 9am. The stock now trended higher with buyers willing to take higher price on indication for some buying interest.

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Jumbo was heavy sold down for the past 2 weeks and only today, I finally can see a temporary base floor where the stock has hit a short term bottom. The knife was not falling anymore but has touched and rested on the floor. It's up to traders whether they can see it or not and pick it up. It was not there in the Top volume this morning and in the min chart, it has a gap up and some bullish signs which was why I gave a bullish alert. Congrats all who made $.

Eventbrite - Come for my Whatsapp Alerts Workshop

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