Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kris Energy - A Personal Touch with Ronald K

Early in the morning at 9:02am, I decided that since the STI hit my demand zone as predicted accurately on the link below and it's a going to be a good day to trade the market, I hence created a very last minute event in the afternoon with everyone dubbed as "A Personal Touch with Ronald K". I am stunned by the amazing turn out even on a last minute notice and also the people who took urgent leave just to come and listen to me. I hope I did not disappoint on the results after that. Here, I just want to express my gratitude and I apologize for the last minute notice.

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After my student made $140,000 in 3-4 months, I also wanted to drive others to achieve the similar and see for themselves how stock picking is very important but more importantly, showing them my thought process combined with my timing of the stock for it's readiness where everyone can have a glimpse of it LIVE that the $140,000 is very achievable if you use my strategies correctly. Thank you.

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So we traded Kris Energy and we traded on a good timing instead of a good pricing. Entered 0.105-0.108 and sold at 0.113-0.114 and the rest was history. Kris energy exudes some hidden buying at the time we traded and then in the next 30 minutes or so, there was an exuberance buying where I believe I saw the rush up and we all managed to sell off there. As of now, the stock then tanked and there were sellers indeed at the peak where I spotted that hidden selling.

I want to congrats everyone who made $ and believe that what my student made, you can do it too! I see your smiles and I hope to see more of it coming soon. :) Take this session as a learning experience to see how I spot the hidden buying followed by the hidden selling which is very crucial in trading. The decisiveness and confidence is everything you need in order to win $ consistently from the market. Want to see me LIVE? Register below for my upcoming Saturday event. This is the last workshop event for now and there won't be any workshop so soon as I am taking my holiday already.

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