Tuesday, September 13, 2016

LIVE Interview by Ronald K - Deficit -$15,000 to Up +$140,000

I am so proud to create a few students who made it to the $100k club just by trading Singapore stocks. One of them just did a LIVE video with me, sharing how he use CFD to trade and spot stocks using the strategies I taught in my program and also how my forums, Whatsapp, sharing sessions was able to further assist him to achieve what he envisioned to become which is a vital part of my support.

In this video, he will show his first losses of -$15,000+ on the first trade where he a lost in Noble and from there on, he was on a beast mode where he slowly and patiently reap profits from the market by consistently winning from stocks. While many people say Singapore stocks are dying, and within a short time frame of 4 months (April to August), he made whopping net profit of $140,000+ from that deficit first loss. Click and watch the video as he will show you the trades breakdown.

I am just proud and happy to recreate such student and it's because of his determination, his will to win and not get deterred by losses which what determined his success. More importantly, when the market presents opportunities, he capitalized on it and waste no time waiting but got the job done proudly. What I love about it is, it was all done in rotation which was what I shared in my workshop!

I am fortunate to get a room this Saturday and hence I will be doing a free sharing workshop this coming Saturday for those who are interested to learn the strategies of rotation and learn how to get our Whatsapp. I will start at 10am sharp in the morning and for those who keen to learn, kindly register below:

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist