Monday, September 5, 2016

Singtel - A Huge Swing Trade

I was scanning some stocks and suddenly I saw Singtel and it was one of the most powerful call I gave on August 16th last month. I called for a bearish turn and a swing trade so as to maximize the rewards. See my Whatsapp alert on August 16th below. A LIVE alert was also posted LIVE on this very blog on August 16th. See below links!

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From there on, the stock had some selling and went distribution up before the final touches of a huge selling. Looking back at my forum post on August 16th, you can see I captured the chart before it was sold down with my explanation that Singtel had reached the supply zone. This analysis was correct when connecting the dots back because Singtel indeed as of today suffered major selling.

I am in search of the next swing trade but there are certain challenges. Will share 2 stocks for such a swing trade in my workshop tomorrow. See you guys there. Register below if you are interested.

Eventbrite - Come for my Whatsapp Alerts Workshop

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