Thursday, September 1, 2016

Best World - Hit 1.85, Locked in $$

I had been covering Best World for it's bearishness since yesterday and one of my member shorted 100 lots at 1.945. I also posted that the temporary support for Best World would be at the 1.85 region and indeed, it hit a low of 1.84 before rebounding back up to 1.87 again. Yet another amazing trade, amazing call. In fact, I posted Best World in my Facebook group for the public to witness the accuracy.

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My coverage for Best World has never been a shortage because it has truly hit a supply zone where sellers were looking to lock in profits and I believe it's a good stock for shorting. Locked in half of the profits @ 1.845, right at the bottom today!! See all my coverage below:

Eventbrite - Come for my Whatsapp Alerts Workshop

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