Friday, August 17, 2018

Thai Bev - Detecting Smart Money Selling

I was studying Thai Beverage's chart and wondering why is the market moving up while this blue chip is coming down after the world cup. There was a strong interested during the world cup season but suddenly, it was met by sellers after sellers where the stock had been selling down fiercely for the past 6 days with fear. Even though there was brokrage calls of target 94 cents 2 days back, the stock seemed to find no daylight at the moment. Could it be the fall of earnings or the weak sales which lead to this sell down? I guess I found the answer in the chart.

I decided to conduct an important talk on Aug 28th 2018 to share this observation and knowledge where it will help you in your future trades/investments. It's so crucial that you would literally want to find out what's causing the sell down because you can simply profit from it if you know the answer. I studied the chart carefully and observe how did the selling happen. It started with a creek first where sellers were building there and slowly one bulk after another, the selling started and the buyers could not contain. Smart money might be also putting out shorts at the supply zone and buyers cannot with hold the strong force of selling. It's hard to explain without a LIVE chart and hence, if you are interested to learn and find out more, you can register on the below button and come for my smart money talk on Aug 28th. See you!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist