Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Yangzijiang - Good Results with Revenue Growth

Yangzijiang just reported good results and the stock just gap up to 0.97 with such finesse. This is the cheapest blue chip in the component stock but always the hardest to trade. If you study the chart closely, you will see some flushes on Monday where the stock dropped to 0.865 before slowly recovering back. At one point, that drop looks like selling more than flushing and hence difficult to decipher. But yesterday price actions was bullish where the BBs started to buy and move the stock up. It reached 0.925 before closing 0.915. Today's opening price is 0.965 and hit a high of 0.975. Congrats to those who longed but I missed it as I wasn't confident. Have to move to find the next one.

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