Saturday, August 18, 2018

Singapore Straits Times Index - Selling Ahead of US

The Dow was up +400 points on Thursday evening and last evening it was up another +110 points. The market is strong and it was said that optimism in the US-China trade war issues has lifted the market yesterday. See links below.

I studied Singapore and I looked back at the chart. It did not reflect this optimism and bullishness. In fact, it gap up and tank and got sold down persistently. The Dow was already up +560 points while Singapore was continuously in the selling mode. I wonder what lies ahead for Monday but I expect the market to have a rebound first since it's near the demand zone. There is a dysfunction in the market between Singapore and US market where the local stocks were also not performing as much either. Looking forward to smart money to support the local market next week.

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