Tuesday, August 23, 2016

DBS - Sought After Stock?

DBS used to be a once sought after stock. Studying back at history from the chart, the stock soared each time after a major crisis happened. However this time round, there wasn't any crisis but the stock is tanking down. Could it be due to the swiber case which caused DBS to suffer selling? The Dow Jones is trending higher and had already break through new high after the 2008 financial crisis while the STI is still under performing.

In the short term by studying the chart, I see that the upside for DBS could be little. My prediction is it will trend up a little more first before I see more sellers. Watching it closely. My registration for next Tuesday workshop is almost full, thank you for all who registered. For those who are interested in our Whatsapp Trading workshop, kindly register and come next Tuesday.

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