Tuesday, August 9, 2016

SingMedical - I Told You It's Bearish Right?

Last Friday, SingMedical had a super steep rise and then all of a sudden, it went halt. During the halting process, I made a bearish blog post and I said be it whether the news is good/bad, I am super bearish about this counter in the short term. Click and see my post below.


Yesterday, after market opened with some good news at 0.31, the stock then suffered some heavy blow to a low of 0.265 and once again, it proves that my day to day observation about maneuvers from the Big Hands was spot on. The clue towards this observation was the profit taking followed by the halt as circled in the 5 min chart.

In the short term, I am expecting a little more downside before moving up. I am looking to gun it at the right timing. If you are interested to enter with us, join us this Friday to find out how.

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