Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SATS - Congrats and Thank You

The thing is I did not gave any call on SATS but rather my students are using the skills I taught in my program to spot the stocks themselves. I am so thrill to receive such messages today that shorting SATS made $. With only 10 lots and swing trade with close to $1500 profits? That's not bad of a return considering the trade was only done between days. Click here to see my previous students shorting SATS.

Seeing success, I can't wait to train more people to buck up their skills. I had already booked a room and next week we shall relearn the strategies again. SATS collapsed and hit a low of 4.66 before rebound up a little now. I am looking for hungry and passionate traders who are willing to learn my strategies, if you have what it take, do register below and I shall see you next Tuesday.

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