Friday, August 5, 2016

What Can You Do With The Troubled Noble Group Now ?

In recent years, Noble Group had a major overhaul, from CEO changes to company businesses diversified and with the debts lingering on, it can only be bad, if not worse. However that is all based on fundamental reports and factual news reported. Based on the chart analysis and studies, Noble looks like it's about to turn up for the short term trend. Look at those 3 volumes, there were high liquidation which at first looks like a heavy sell down but then was quickly recovered by 2 green bars which exudes some demand at the bottom.

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In the short term, Noble looks like it may trend down a little more first before another up wave is sustainable. With that being said, it's not the stock for investment anymore as compared to 5 years back. The run had finished and the stock had many rounds of profit taking which indicated that the momentum for the upside is not humongous anymore. This stock is more suitable for punters/traders and I definitely won't recommend it for long term investment. So if you are holding this stock, you have 2 choices.

1. Cut it at the right price and move on with the remaining funds. Invest in growth stocks rather than blue chips. Do not look to buy any commodities now.

2. Continue to keep this stock until you think it's the right time to cut loss/book profits. If you bought it at high prices, you might have to hold it for a very long time before you can materialize any profits which I believe it might not be possible at this market condition. The best bet is look for another growth stock and park your funds there.

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