Thursday, August 11, 2016

Keppel T&T - I Won't Forget What I Saw Yesterday

Yesterday was just cheers in the morning but then everything turn sour in the afternoon. In my private forum yesterday, I had gave an outlook to be alert of sellers and hence I am not longing any stocks so as to stick to my game plan. One stock I was monitoring was Keppel T&T and I just won't forget what I observed yesterday. The stock was so weak that it experienced profit takings and followed by distribution and hence I am expecting the stock to suffer selling in the short term.

The chart looks bearish and the stock hit a major wall at 1.74-1.69 range where the sellers are residing. If you are holding to this counter, be alert of your positions. In the near term, I am expecting selling. Thank you for everyone who registered and coming tomorrow. I am excited to share a new strategy to effectively scan and trade for the short term.

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