Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ezion - A New Record Low

Ezion hit a new record low today. Well, this was all pre warned in my earlier Ezion posts. Click and see below!

Today finally Ezion pierced below the 0.26 level and held on there for some support. However studying the minute chart, I am not banking my $$ on Ezion yet until I see some demand flocking in which is kind of lacking now. Ezion has bit hit with sellers after sellers just like Noble and is it on the brink of a breakdown like Swiber? I don't know but I know this is not an investment stock for sure. The market depth revealed more information of the support and hence I suggest not to short at this juncture. See the market depth above.

My plan now is I won't be shorting Ezion because the demand may creep in anytime soon and hence at this moment, it's best to stay out and watch. Times are tough and this company's future prospect looks bleak. It's ok, I will be holding a private chart mastery class next week to share more on Ezion and how to spot the breakdown from that critical wall level as predicted in my previous posts. Kindly be early as I expect full house.

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