Saturday, August 6, 2016

Singapore Straits Times Index - The Monday Game Plan

Last evening was just jammed pack and I am glad to see everyone attending my seminar. Guys, please do note that to succeed and make $, you will have to take actions. If you put your time and effort in the stock market, where you sleep and breath with it, take actions for the rewards will be there for you considering the sheer amount of work you have put in.

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So, I believe what I saw was correct last Wednesday. The retailers liquidating and the sheer amount of throw down all point towards a rebound in STI where I started to pen my analysis down on 10.05pm on August 3rd evening. See the post below.

The following day, Thursday @ 8:35am before market opened, I concluded that the STI would rebound and hence I made an early morning blog post after my morning analysis. See the post below.

Today is a Saturday morning and I will tell all my fans who reads my blog this, the STI will gap up on Monday and there after it will be met with sellers before closing green. My personal short term view on the STI is it was in the oversold region and hence when retailers throw down at the bottom, it's a sign of rebound in the making. When it gap up on Monday, I will not chase but rather choose some goods stocks to long instead. The run maybe cap as there are still stale bulls up there looking to cut loss. However if you select a stock with least resistance, it will have a higher potential of further upside. This is my game plan for Monday. Watch Monday.

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