Monday, August 22, 2016

Wong Fong Ind - SOMM Whatsapp, Up $19,407

In fact, last Wednesday Aug 17th, I also gave a SOMM Whatsapp to all members to take note of Wong Fong Ind. The stock was in the good hands of the smart money where the support was strong and the buyers were unwilling to let go of their holdings and willing to buy up at higher price. Upon seeing this in the minute chart, I was very excited and hence I longed 610 lots. Today I am up $19,407 with good profits. Our first round was as below:

From the daily chart to the minute chart to the fine details of the market depth, everything about this stock was so bullish earlier that I decided to trade a little bigger. Overall, I must say although this stock is flushy but the chart doesn't lie. It has the foot prints of the smart money which it is easy to detect. I will be rotating and searching for some other stocks tomorrow.

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