Thursday, August 11, 2016

SingMedical - Bullish Report Out

A bullish report was out for SingMedical today that the stock maybe a potential multi bagger and a target price was issued at 0.45 cents. The report highlighted many items and figures that puts SingMedical in a very positive position and hence I managed to hop on 40 lots at 0.305. As the stock moves higher, I am reducing my position so protect my wealth and capital as the risk got higher. At 0.325 closing, I was already up with $800 of unrealized profits. I am not sure if it will reach 0.45, but am watching for the selling zone for the short term.

Now the thing is the report was issued today but in fact a bullish call was already posted on my blog first on a Tuesday and then on Wednesday yesterday. Click and see below.

The question is how did I know it was bullish on a Tuesday before any reports were issued? To tell ya'll the truth, it was the buy sell queue which I monitored for some time where the numbers flipped gave me some hints. And then today, the stock experienced a very flushy moment where I entered at 3.45pm which concluded my analysis was right. If I am right again, tomorrow the opening will be around 0.33-0.335 based on the buy/sell Q and I will decide my next course of action there. Patiently waiting for opening tomorrow.

report picture: RHB Group
credit: Jarick Seet, RHB Group.

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