Friday, August 5, 2016

Cityneon Hits All Time High with One Volume

Cityneon has reach a new milestone where the price has hit an all time high of 1.015 with one high volume today. The stock is rising and the bullish tone was set in. From morning till now, the buyers were supporting the price and there was just minor reactions. This is what I would do if I am holding this counter.

1. I will continue to hold till next week until I see sellers are about to come in. Since there was no profit taking from the BBs, hence, there is no need to liquidate so fast.

2. I will be thinking about book profit first and then look to search for another stock with such potential upside so that my funds can be rotated efficiently and not sitting on into 1 counter and wait for more upside. Because I know along the way, I must expect some fluctuations and reactions before moving higher.

3. I maybe book half of my profits first and let the rest ride all the way. In this case, my profits is locked and the rest are bonuses if it moves higher. This money management strategy will reduce my emotions and take away my stress.

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