Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Singtel - We All Locked In Profits

Here, I am really happy to spot the demand zone in Singtel at 4.25-4.26 in the 5 minute chart. When I saw that I immediately gave out a Whatsapp call to lock in short term profits to avoid reactions. In fact, this Singtel bearish call was also posted and given LIVE no my blog and in my Facebook. Click and see below when I first gave the call.



The rest is history when I see my students made $$. Congrats everyone!! See the price we locked in profits. It's right at the bottom at 4.26! The way how I study the supply and demand zone is as powerful as it gets right on the dot.

These minute charts that was captured earlier was the gist of my analysis. Singtel had a long bar dropped down where most would think it's more sellers but in fact it was some form of flush and mini buying. From 4.28 when I captured to 4.25 when I last captured, everything was like a story book unfolding. I am glad that my study materializes. More to come soon. Stay tune.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist