Monday, July 17, 2017

DBS - Hitting New Heights

DBS has just reached a new height that the bears could not stop the bull charging. The market is bullish and the buyers were buying relentless. However looking at the chart, I believe it's time to reduce some positions in the banking stocks as I think selling might be happening soon. The penny stocks are different because when the blue chips run it will simmer but when the pennies run, the blue chips will take a break. I will turn my attention to some other sectors and counters for now. There are many other potential stocks. :) If you would like to know which stocks, you can add me as a friend in facebook and once the time is ripe, I will post it there.

I will soon conduct a session to share my 1 lot marking trading strategy. The 1 lot marking is as precision as it gets as for those who are interested, you can click the link below to see my past 1 lot marking posts.

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