Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Thai Beverage - Huge Blocks of Married Deal

Huge Blocks of Married Deals were observed and spotted in Thai Beverage. I had been working almost everyday lately during the morning LIVE Trading and evening sharing sessions and I've got a lot of questions on Thai Beverage and it's current movements. My answer was normally that this is a slow blue chip and sometimes it's in play while other times it's not. However in recent days, I believe Capital Group had been buying and adding positions in Thai Beverage which caused the price to rise in these 2 days.

Today, I did a further research and saw that the time and sales recorded like almost 40 million of married deals which could result some positive signs ahead for this counter. I did not check who the counter party is but I believe it should be Capital Group. Since they got in at 0.96 and now the price is 0.965, does it mean that we buy on this price for further upside to come? I think for short term I am wary of the overall bearish market condition that the STI looks saturated and might be due for a sell down soon. No matter who buy or how good the stock is, I would avoid buying and look at the correct timing for opportunities again.

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Update 26/7/2017, 12:51pm

Thai Beverage dropped to 0.95 after my post. It means I was right not to touch this counter until the next turning point!

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