Thursday, July 13, 2017

Y Ventures - LIVE Trading with Ronald K

Conducted a very last minute LIVE Trading today and here, I thank everyone for attending this very last minute trading session and I hope I did not disappoint all of you. It was a good morning as I watched Y Ventures closely for all my students and after market opened at 9am, the queues started to stack with some buyers biting at 0.275. The stock then went to a high of 0.275/0.28 and that's where the buying activities started to happen.

Most of us hop in at 0.28-0.285 and within minutes, the stock shot up to a high of 0.30 where the buyers was mad furious. Upon that time, I saw some queue flipping and immediately gave a sell call for everyone to lock in profits. Thereafter, the stock started to encounter humongous amount of sellers and the big throw down started to happen.

In fact, it all started when the 1 lot marking started. See the time and sales, the 1 lot marking was very skilfully performed and after seeing such continuous 1 lot mark up, I knew the stock was on it's way up and vice versa. I hope all of you enjoyed the LIVE Trading session today as most of you made some good serious $$ in a very short time span which I am very happy about. If I can survive so many years of trading and still do it, all of you can achieve the same with hard work and dedication. See you all soon!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist