Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dow Jones - My Game Plan for STI

It was a good sharing session over yesterday morning where many took early leave just to come LIVE Market Watching with me. It was also during this session that I shared the bearish outlook for the overall market including Dow Jones for short term trading. The STI was bearish yesterday after my prediction in my private forum early in the morning because of some exhausted gap up and the Dow mimic the STI during the night as opposed to the STI mirroring the Dow. Click and see my outlook below.

For next week, I expect some selling in the market because there were some profit taking and the market ran up too much at a fast speed. The buyers were overly excessive strong this week, but because the market conditions turn next week, I will look more on the shorting side.

I will be sharing my global outlook later with a large crowd during in the afternoon. Please pay attention because there will be some exciting stocks and short term trading strategies to be shared. Pictures up later. I will see you all later and do register for my talkshow next Tuesday below:

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