Friday, July 29, 2016

Sembcorp Marine - Q2 Profit Down, Analysis on Chart

The Marine, Oil and Gas Sector was down with a big slam yesterday and hence knowing that it wasn't possible to short any oil & gas penny stocks, I turned my attention to good blue chips for shorting. I was studying Sembcorp Marine and did a quick analysis of the chart which I discovered that the stock lacked of buyers which meant sellers were coming in to capitalize on the weak buying. Hence, I decided to give a bearish Whatsapp alert to all my members so that they can study and profit from it.

I believed the Whatsapp outlook I sent out yesterday morning at 9:30am was correct because after market hours, a bad news was released. Sembcorp Marine's profit was down by 89.5% which was terrible and I hope when the market opened later today, the stock would gap down so that everyone is in the big $. I believe most shorted and I expect some trade records. Congrats to all who shorted. I focused heavily on timing and not pricing. How do I know based on the chart that the result is bad? The answer is actually by studying the supply and demand to see buyers/sellers are dominating. I will share more when I have the time to do the workshop again.

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