Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jadason^ - Round 2, A LIVE Forum Call

It was a day where many penny stocks started to run in the Top Volume. Knowing that, combined with the LIVE video I did yesterday, Jadason was one of the stocks I mentioned and kept in my watchlist. It was also the stock that I whatsapp last Friday where we hop in near the bottom between 0.021-0.023. Hence, this morning after watching the buy/sell Q with the market depth, I decided to give a call through my private forum this time so that everyone who logged in can make $. I am so glad and happy to see the replies that everyone is making $ on it. :) Click and see my Whatsapp alert last Friday.


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Above are the market depth information I captured during earlier period of time and started studying it in the 5 minute chart before deciding to give the call at 9:29am. Look at how the queue number stacks and removed followed by buyers coming in and raising the bid queue. Congrats everyone.

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