Saturday, July 23, 2016

My June 2016 Portfolio - Growth Stock $122,000+ Up

My June 2016 portfolio when I reviewed back was a stunner. It was hella of trade but more importantly I picked the right stock for my investment, so in the short time span of 3 weeks, the stock flew and I decided to take partial profits for confidence. I don't believe the traditional way of buy, diversify and hold many stocks because if I would to do that, my focus would be lost. Personally, I prefer to put my investment into 1 counter, if not maximum 2 counters and that would be it. If I have analyzed, studied, watch the stock for a long time, then when the stock is about to move, I should be investing big just on that 1 stock. You can add me in facebook and click my business page on the link below.

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Growth stocks and opportunities don't necessarily present itself everyday or every month. Sometimes you would need to wait for a few months to a year before the real action starts to kick in. Of course, with that being said, I am blogging in the context of investment, NOT trading. There are a few good growth stocks last year. MM2, Cityneon, Jumbo and CNMC Golmine and this year, I can only see maybe 1. Well, I believe I have found another one, but the timing is crucial before I start my next investment journey.


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