Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trading Global Indices - $8800 in 4 Days

I am particularly pleased to receive such message before I go for my meeting later. This student of mine is not a young lady but a mother with 2 kids. It's not how old or young that will determine your success, but rather how much and how hungry you want to make it will determine your fortune. I know she wants to trade short term and so she asked to be my student because she wants to learn the necessary skills so as to trade any market that moves. Last week she made $2600 in indices and to see her success continues in the indices trading was just so achieving and happiness where I shared to a crowd of 70-80 people last Saturday. Click and read her first message to me below.

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As indices trading is much easier which doesn't require much stock picking skills, it also possess some risk because it's leverage product and you need to know the dos and don'ts. The most important aspect of indices trading is to know where is the supply and demand zone, and then look out for critical buyers/sellers before taking a position. While I start opening a new market in Japan and US, I am also looking at indices because it's something easier than stocks. Congrats once again!

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