Saturday, July 16, 2016

Global Indices - The Shorting Game

I am really really blessed and very happy to receive this message before heading for my market outlook talk. Yesterday's LIVE Market Watching was simply amazing because not only I shared how the global indices will be bearish before STI opened at 9am, but more importantly, the global market went south accordingly to what I predicted in front of 100 people. That's the best testament and it's as good as it gets watching me LIVE, sharing and teaching how to make forward predictions.

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I launched my Cityindex platform and also shared my watch list where everyone were interested and start copying down. I am very happy to see students shorted the Singapore, UK and Dow and made $$ out of it. The method I taught allowed her to cover her shorts near the bottom and went long again for some short term trading. $2600 in a day playing 3 different indices is just good $$ for the weekend. Well, as she also shared with me that it's hard to change the mindset of traditional buy/hold strategy but that's OK, I will continue to help many others who loves trading and wants to see how markets move LIVE as I show the fine turning points of supply/demand. Thank you!

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