Friday, July 8, 2016

Jadason^ - A Whatsapp Call

Earlier in the morning, I observed that Jadason was in the Top Volume, ranking number 30 and within less than a second, it disappeared. From there on, it piqued my interested and I started to study the daily chart followed by the 5 min chart where a base was built. The market depth was also clearly showing signs of bullishness where the sellers queue was depleting. In fact, on Tuesday, 3 days back, someone posted Jadason in my private forum which also made me putting this counter in my watchlist. I knew this counter was going to fly soon but it's just a matter of the right timing and hence today's top volume appearance was the biggest clue.

A bullish Whatsapp call was then given to all my members to be alert of this counter since everything pointed towards bullishness. The only problem was this is a penny stock and hence it was risky. Well, everyone has different risk and threshold level so one would need to decide if penny stocks suits you. I will be conducting a talk for the next stock and also stocks selection next Tuesday. If you are interested in our Whatsapp service, you can register below.

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