Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jumbo Group - Ron Sim Increased Stake with 32 Million Shares

Jumbo a stock that we traded through Whatsapp alert on Dec 28, 2016 last year was definitely a stock to watch out for back then. I was just checking who went to buy that 32 million shares on a married deal and saw from the SGX website that it was from the Osim found, Ron Sim.


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In fact on Dec 28th 2016 that morning, I can see some powerful hidden buying going on and the Big Hands were slowly accumulating the stock without much attention and hence I decided to give a Whatsapp alert to all SOMM members. The stock then slowly rose with speed with a small range intraday. About 3 days later, the more strong buyers came in to support the stock with a sheer amount of volume with rising price and then the day came on Jan 11th where Ron Sim bought another 32 million shares through married deal. From this trade, I learnt that to trade stocks, one must learn how to anticipate the news before it's released. If one would to buy now, the price would have depressing now at 0.715.

Price move news and hidden buying move strong buyers. From quiet to vibrant and then from vibrant to simmering action. These are traits and behaviors of the stocks market. Remember by heart.

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