Friday, January 6, 2017

New Silkroutes - A Good Stock to Trade

New Silkroutes looks like a good and easy stock to trade. For the past 3 days, the stock had been trending upwards and the buying seemed to be smooth without much obstruction. This is what I love about this counter where it trends higher with least resistance and lesser barriers. See the 2 circled area where I drew the easy of movement. New Silkroutes had been trending down for the past 3 weeks and I believe it's now time to trade the stock up. In the short term, there might be some short term selling first before higher prices can be seen. If you want to follow me and receive Whatsapp alert, do register for my event next Tuesday to learn more.

新的Silkroutes看起来像一个好的和容易的股票交易。 在过去3天,股票一直趋势向上,购买似乎顺利,没有多少阻碍。 这是我喜欢这个柜台,它的趋势较高,最小的阻力和较小的障碍。 看到2圈的区域,我画了容易的运动。 新Silkroutes在过去3周已经趋于下降,我相信现在是交易库存的时候了。 在短期内,可能会出现一些短期卖出,之后可以看到更高的价格。 如果你想跟随我并收到Whatsapp警报,请注册下周二我的活动了解更多。

I had also created a Singapore stock forum in Facebook. If you would like to join, can click the link below.

我也在Facebook上创建了一个新加坡股票论坛。 如果您想加入,可以点击下面的链接。

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