Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wilmar - Intraday Fast Scalp

Wilmar was rising earlier yesterday morning and then all of a sudden, the stock just spiraled down from 3.92 to 3.83 with a long bar in the 5 minute chart. I must admit that my focus wasn't this counter as there were other more interesting counters to trade and hence I missed a good intraday short. So when it rebounded back up to 3.87, the stock hit a overhead supply area where I think it's good for another intraday trade where I decided to give a Whatsapp alert to my students.


We shorted at 3.86 and covered at day low at 3.83. Although not a lot of $, but it's better than nothing. I received a lot of emails wanting my Whatsapp alert and hence I decided at next Thursday, 2nd Feb, 7pm, I will conduct a seminar to share more on the Whatsapp. Interested parties can register below.

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