Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jumbo - Opening Restaurants in Vietnam

Jumbo is soon opening restaurants in Vietname. Click the below link to read more.

On 28th Dec 2016 @ 9:20am, I was particular interested in Jumbo that morning because there was some form of resiliency and the stock was under the strong hands of the BBs I think. The queue was also very easy to read and hence I decided to give a Whatsapp alert to all SOMM members. Soon, the stock flew and within 2 hours, pile of big volumes came in to whack the stock further up to 0.66 high and that's where i believe the stock had reached it's short term supply zone where I decided that it's time to lock in short term profits for those who are into short term trading/scalping.

Last evening at 9:42pm, good news was released and it once again validated that my observation was right on Dec 28. My job is to try to uncover stocks that might have news in play before the actual news is released. I would judge the supply/demand and the buyers/sellers to determine my course of action. I will share more in tomorrow's workshop. See you all there.

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