Friday, January 27, 2017

Trading with Cityindex - Hello, Year of Rooster

Last year Dec 31st 2016, just 1 day before the new year 2017, I set a goal to reach $100K in my Cityindex account. From that day onwards, I was working really hard, scanning for stocks and also at times, trading the US indices/stocks, trying to hit my mark and achieve what I set for myself. Today, I am proud to say that I had done it. I have hit the $100K mark. Click and see my Dec 31st 2016 post below.

As of now, most would be having reunion dinner with friends and family as the countdown starts, while others maybe gambling on cards and taking a break in this festive period. During this time, I am working once again on my next target and goals that I want to achieve badly for this year. Hence, I am waiting and watching the US market for trading opportunities. It's opening soon. If you set your mind and soul, wanting to achieve something badly, some sacrifice had to be made and straws of effort has to be put in in order to succeed.

For the year of Rooster, I don't want to set a limitation to myself but shall let nature take it's course because the sky is the limit. I will work doubly smart in the year of rooster starting next Tuesday and hope my effort of work would pay off soon. Here, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and see all of you starting next week. Have a prosperous and profitable year ahead.

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