Thursday, January 19, 2017

Oxley - A SOMM Bullish Whatsapp

Oxley is recently in some good news. On Jan 13th, 10.14am they released that they secured NTMA as Anchor Tenant. On the very same day, I was able to spot the hidden buying before the factual news was released at 10.14am. In fact, I gave a bullish SOMM Whatsapp alert on Jan 13th, 9:41am on a Friday like 30 minutes before the good news was released.

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Oxley is now slowly creeping up bit by bit and reaching a short term supply zone. The most important thing is how the Big Hands managed to buy secretly without moving the price up was really an art and it's something to learn from. The good news that was released on Jan 3rd was the catalyst for this counter to move and the later on news on Jan 13th was the shaker of the stock. Congrats all who made $.

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