Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jumbo - A SOMM Whatsapp Alert

I must say the market is full of opportunities now and I have too many stocks to watch out for where sometimes I lost my attention on some good counters that may run. Jumbo was one of them when it was trading at 0.72/0.725 yesterday where I missed badly. I was planning to give this stock to my SOMM team when suddenly I saw another stock and it shifted away my focus where it ran to 0.745.

Well, after reaching 0.745 and studying the minute chart, it was still very beautiful where there was collections going on and I decided to give a Whatsapp alert for the bullishness in Jumbo. The stock ran then reached a high of 0.755 and this morning to my wildest surprise, I saw CIMB report issuing a buy recommendation on Jumbo where the stock soared to 0.765 high earlier. They issued the report today while in fact, I saw the bullishness yesterday. It's only 1 day difference but it made a huge difference when you do short term trading. I am happy all of the SOMM made $ and I am scanning the next counter for now. Will share more on my Whatsapp alert next Thursday at 2nd Feb. Don't miss it!

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