Friday, March 10, 2017

Jumbo - A Bearish Whatsapp Alert

On Wednesday 2 days back, I gave a bearish Whatsapp alert for Jumbo. The stock was under some hidden selling and it was dead obvious from the chart that the buyers weren't supporting the stock.Today as of now, it's currently trading at 0.68/0.685 which proved that my observation was correct when I gave the Whatsapp alert. The 200-300 shares marker was for the case in Jumbo and it's different from other counters.

The most important thing in short term trading is to always find clues and footprints of the BBs before the breakdown starts. Once the breakdown starts, for a certain amount of time, it's always time to lock in profits. Look at Capitaland today, the retailers were chasing at the high at 3.76-3.79 to only realized it now it's trading at 3.66!! Have a great weekend everyone. :)

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