Saturday, March 4, 2017

Trading the Dow Jones - A Good Learning Curve

I think what I drove and shared yesterday was crucial and important for learning how to trade the Dow, Hang Seng and Dax. Trading derivatives is not difficult and pretty easy to master especially  when you know where the critical levels like the supply and demand areas are and also the turning point to long/short. The best part about trading index is there is no need to scan for many charts and counters, one chart, one timeframe will do and it saves a lot of time as compared to scanning the right stocks to trade because there are many charts to choose from.

The above trade record is not mine but it was sent from a participant who used what I taught in the ops training yesterday and she traded the Dow Jones. Setting the parameters together with finding the levels at critical turning point, she managed to make $147 SGD. Congrats and if you can replicate that every evening, you should see good $ in the long run. Yesterday's training seems so surreal to me, but more to come.

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