Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Sharing of Trading Experience - Day 2 with Ronald K

It was a fun and eventful day when I shared my trading experiences on my wins and losses over the years. The market today is not like the market back then where stocks were much easier to trade. There is algorithm trading, prop trading and many other factors that control the forces of the market. It's becoming increasingly harder to find a good growth stock and stocks don't move in tandem with the general market anymore. Today I shared many wonderful experiences that $ can't buy. Everyone tells me that they learnt something and it's something so different from what they heard or learnt elsewhere.

Soon, I will create some events to share the undeclared secrets of the stock operators that is unknown to the public and a simple yet easy strategy that the operators use that will change the way how to trade the market forever. In fact, I may start sharing some during my next Tuesday seminar, so don't miss it.

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