Thursday, March 30, 2017

Metro - A Special Ops Whatsapp, $1900 in 1.5 Hours

Today I was supposed to take my holiday break but nevertheless, I am committed when there is an opportunity to make $$. As the Top Volume was mostly traded with penny stocks like Asiaphos, IEV, BlackGoldNatural, Chasen, etc..I saw something in the background which is my favorite stock, Metro. So immediately, I studied the time and sales where I saw some big players committed some hidden buying and hence I decided to give a bullish alert to all who joined me yesterday so that everyone can make $$ and profit together.

After we bought, the stock rose a little and then suddenly, there was a flush as observed in the time and sales attached above. From there on, the stock just shot up and went north all the way towards the 1.175-1.185 level before some of us went to lock in profits. Towards the end of the day, the stock even surprised all of us by closing a day high of 1.195!! But well, we were all happy with profits made intraday and tomorrow will be another day to make $$ again.

When my students sent me their trade records, I am very pleased with the $$ they made. A few of them made thousands while most of them made hundreds. One made like $1900 in 1.5 hours which I believed it was something he did never experienced in his trading journey. Here, I just want to thank everyone for the support and the trust you all gave me. Let's make another round tomorrow. CONFIDENT!

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