Monday, March 20, 2017

Kimly Group - A Hefty Sell Down

The marked ended and I reviewed my prediction on Kimly Group. Once again, it was just spot on. At 9:17am, I made a forward prescient prediction that Kimly Group would sell down first, rebound a little and then down a little again towards end of day. At 9:17am when I posted, Kimly was trading @ 0.55 See my morning post below:

Towards the afternoon, the stock indeed rebounded a little where I made two blog posts again on my blog LIVE. See the charts attached and you will be Kimly rebounded from 0.425 low to a high of 0.465!

Then at 4pm, the stock started to suffer another wave of sellers again whee it brought prices to a low of 0.435 before closing 0.44. See the attached chart above. Indeed, the stock closed low towards end of day and could it spell another wave of selling or could this be an accumulation zone for higher prices to come. The next 2 days are very important days for me to watch this counter. I will definitely spot the turning point and catch the wave up should I see the hidden buying and collections in place. I will share more on how to spot the turning point in my talk tomorrow.

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