Friday, March 3, 2017

Capitaland - A SOMM Whatsapp Alert

On Wednesday, I gave a Whatsapp to all SOMM to take a look at Capitaland since the stock was pretty bearish with lotsa profit taking and distribution. What's worse was the stock is under some serious hidden selling which then turned into a real selling today with a long bar breakdown. I am happy we shorted it on Wednesday and some of us who came for the training today, we also shorted it in the morning for some superb intra day profits. The stock went to a low of 3.52 which proved my observation skills was correct and it was a good -3.28% down.

During the session today, I took some LIVE videos and also good pictures of the environment which is really a good environment for learning and trading. Had some good food and with the right ambiance and good feng shui, we also traded Hang Seng and some of us locked in profits in Alliance Mineral. I wished I could do it everyday but it's impossible. But well, today many of us are more well equipped with the right stock picking skills and also a lesson on trading derivatives like indices and forex. Will try to arrange the next one again. :) Please come!

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